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You can contact the SPACE support team via:

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Getting Started

Does my company have to be in Outsmart to include our frames on SPACE?

The development of SPACE is funded by Outsmart. Participation is free for Outsmart members and outdoor specialists. There is a small fee for non-Outsmart media owners who wish to include their frames. Please contact the support team on +44 20 7420 3252 or space@mediatel.co.uk to find out more, this does not commit you to future participation.

How much does it cost to subscribe to SPACE?

Please click here for the ratecard.

Available for subscription charges above £5000 p.a.: Discounted introductory rates are available to start-up companies. The start-up rate is 50% of the standard rate for year 1 and 75% for year 2. We define a start-up as companies which are searching for a sustainable business model and have been incorporated for less than five years.

Are there costs for assistance or data updates?

Should a Media Owner request assistance or data updates to be done by the Mediatel support team that are necessary because the Media Owner has not fully integrated with SPACE, or has not supplied accurate data in the correct format, this will be chargeable to them at £100+VAT per hour.

  • Mediatel will operate timesheets which detail what the chargeable intervention was, what date it was implemented and the time it took.
  • Each Media Owner will nominate at least two people to take responsibility for agreeing to Chargeable Interventions being implemented by Mediatel.
  • Mediatel must inform one of the nominated people at the Media Owner each time they are about to undertake work that will be charged for. This will be done by email and Mediatel cannot proceed until they have a confirmatory email reply from one of the nominees at the Media Owner.
  • Costs due to Mediatel will usually be invoiced separately from the quarterly subscription invoice, unless alternative arrangements are agreed to between a Media Owner and Mediatel.
  • Mediatel will not charge for data updates where there is no facility via the SPACE Website or API to make the required update.
  • Mediatel will not charge for data updates that take less than 15 minutes to complete.

Where does the frame data come from?

Media owners can add or update frames using this website (referred to in these FAQs as the Web UI), by uploading an XML file or via the API.

Is there any limit on the number of frames that I can put on SPACE?

No, SPACE is designed to hold data on all formats, environments and frames commonly traded within the Outdoor Advertising Market.

Can I view all frame data contained in SPACE?

IPAO and Outsmart members are able to view all frame data. Access for other users depends on their chosen subscription level. Please see the ratecard for more details.

Can I update frame data via SPACE?

Yes, you can update frame information via the web UI, the API or uploading an XML file. However, you can only update frames within your own portfolio.


How frequently should I update SPACE with changes in my inventory?

SPACE is designed to accurately reflect the current inventory across the market, you should update whenever you make changes to your inventory.

If my updates force the creation of the new frame ID, how will I be notified?

Significant changes to a frame such as changes to format or dimensions (beyond the allowed tolerance) will force the frame to be marked out of charge and a new frame ID to be generated. Changes made via the web UI or API will immediately report back the new frame ID to the user.

If you updated frames via XML upload, the "Previous Frame ID Only" check box at the top of the Frame > List page can be used in conjuction with other filters, such as "Changed Since'", to see a list of frames that were updated and assigned new frame IDs.

How do I mark a frame as being out of charge?

You can mark a frame as being out of charge via the web UI Frame > List menu. Click through on the frame ID to change the status. You can also manage your frame status via the DELETE frame API.

Can I download frame data into my own system?

Yes, documentation on SPACE GET API calls can be found via the API > Documentation menu. You are also able to download in XML, CSV and XLS via the Frame > List menu.

Can I view frame data by frame type or dimension?

Yes, there are many ways to interrogate the frame data including by media owner, TV region, town and many other attributes. To see the many options go to the Frame > List menu.

Can I view or export data from a particular date?

Yes, the Frame > List menu includes a 'Changed since' filter and the GET API includes the changed_date parameter. If these are set, frames updated on or after the date supplied will appear in the results.

What format do the XML files need to be in?

For Route and non-Route, SPACE uses the new OOH Schema 1.1.0 as agreed with the outdoor industry. Please see ooh-schema.xsd or contact the support team at Mediatel on +44 20 7420 3252 or space@mediatel.co.uk if you would like a copy of the XML definition file.

How can I see when a frame was last updated?

A last updated date can be seen against frames via the web UI and all download methods in addition to the GET Frame API.

How do I add, edit or close an environment or format?

This is managed via the SPACE support team at Mediatel and overseen by the Outdoor Industry Standards Committee. Please contact us on +44 20 7420 3252 or space@mediatel.co.uk if you require any changes.

How do I request change of ownership of frames from one media owner to another?

For single frames, this can be done via the 'Edit Frame' button on the frame detail page. For multiple frames, select "Request Change of Ownership" from the Frame menu on the website.


Can I see whether a frame is available for processing by Route?

Yes, every frame has a Route status assigned by the "Submit to Route" field. Data interrogation via the Frame > List menu allows you to filter results by this field. The on_route parameter via the GET Frame API restricts results to on-route, not on-route or both on & not on-route frames by setting the value to 0, 1 or 2 respectively; this field on the API is equivalent to the "Submit to Route" field on the web UI.

Do frames in SPACE also have to have Route classifications?

No, SPACE holds details on all frames. Those that also have a Route classification are recorded as such within SPACE.

If I am not on Route do I still need a Frame ID?

Yes, the Buying and Selling sides of the industry have determined that Frame ID codes will act as the unique identifier of any individual piece of Outdoor Advertising Space that is traded in the market. The Frame ID facilitates identification and data transfer.

What does the Route Status of a frame mean?

The "Submit to Route" field determines if the data from SPACE should be collected by MGE and imported into the IMS for current or future inclusion in Route research.

If you are a Media Owner that is Route measured and you want a particular frame to be included in the Route research then make sure the Submit to Route field for that frame is set to "Yes".

If the Submit to Route field is set to "No" then MGE will not take your data for inclusion in the IMS and your frame will not appear in future Route releases.

School Proximity

How do I access data on the proximity of a frame to the nearest school?

You can subscribe to an Ordnance Survey data set on SPACE for £635+VAT pa that gives you the distance from the majority of frames to the nearest Primary, Secondary, Special Needs and Further Education Schools. Please email space@mediatel.co.uk if you are interested.

How is the distance between a frame and the nearest school calculated?

For companies that have opted in to see this data, SPACE provides the distance between a frame and the nearest of each category of school (primary, secondary, special needs and further education). The original data source is "Ordnance Survey MasterMap Sites Layer School data" which gives the boundaries of the school grounds, and is supplied via the OS reseller Emapsite. The data source is updated annually. SPACE calculates the distance between the Lon/Lat of a frame and the closest point on the school boundary. The data is not calculated for vehicular or mobile frames such as buses, taxis and trains. The accuracy of the distance data is dependent on the accuracy of the Lon/Lat supplied by the media owner or estimated from the postcode where a Lon/Lat is not supplied.

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Contains OS data © Crown copyright and database rights 2017.
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