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The SPACE project provides access to a RESTful API. This will allow partners to integrate their systems with SPACE and allow them to create, update and delete frames. The API will return all output in JSON format and where input is required the HTTP request body should contain JSON.


All references to API methods assume you're using the base of

GET output parameters are not necessarily interchangeable with input parameters (i.e. IMSWorldGeodeticCoordinate).

Definitions, Acronyms and Abbreviations

Term Description
SPACE The outdoor industry code allocation system
OISC Outdoor Industry Standards Committee
IMS Inventory Mapping System
REST Representational State Transfer
API Application Programming Interface
JSON JavaScript Object Notation
XML Extensible Markup Language
UI User Interface


Access to the production API must be done via HTTPS and you will be required to supply a username (company_id) and password via HTTP Basic Authentication.

Please note that IP restriction is in place for all methods and requests not coming from an authorised IP address for the company will be rejected.

Click here to see the security protocols and ciphers that SPACE supports.


The API honours the Accept header returning data in the requested format. At the moment only JSON is supported so ensure that all requests have a Accept header set to application/json.

The Content-Type header is required for POST/PUT requests and, when sending a JSON body, must be set to application/json for all requests.


Should the system detect a problem with your API request, such as invalid or missing data, the response code will be set to HTTP 400 and JSON returned explaining the errors. Within the errors object you'll find a message providing a general summary of issues. A list of all issues will be returned as well.

OUTPUT - JSON Error sample

    "errors": [
        "Sales code must be a three-digit alphanumeric code",
        "The surface area doesn't seem to be equal to the width x height"

All returned elements are strings.

Rate Limiting

Rate limits will be applied per company on GET /frame calls.

After the first request, every other request will be refused until the end of the last request or 1 minute (whichever is shortest). This will result in a 429 HTTP error status code. Any other call types will be allowed in the meantime.