PUT production-spec

Used to update a Production/Creative Specification. Validation will ensure that the user calling this method not only has write permissions but has permission to edit the specific frame (i.e. belongs to the specifications's media owner).

This method is identical to POST /api/production-spec except that your input JSON must contain a ProductionSpecificationID element specifying the specification that you wish to update.

Please note that the JSON used in this call will overwrite existing data for the specifications edited. If the specifications currently hold data that is not included in the call, the data will no longer be held against the specification.

Each attribute type/value will be validated to ensure that the data is valid. See the section on errors for how errors are represented.


As this method is accessed via a POST request the raw body must be set to JSON as described below.

    "ProductionSpecificationID": 77,
    "Name": "Specification Name",
    "Type": "STATIC",
    "MediaOwnerRef": "REF 1",
    "Description": "Lorem Ipsum dolor sit amet",
    "Url": "https://www.oohspace.co.uk/api/documentation/production-spec-post",
    "DisplayAreaHeight": 4000,
    "DisplayAreaWidth": 8000,
    "MaxFileSize": "2000",
    "OverallSizeHeight": 1,
    "OverallSizeWidth": 2,
    "Material": "Vinyl",
    "Finishing": "Test",
    "Packing": "Test",
    "Spares": "Test",
    "CreativeMaxSize": 1000,
    "CreativeMimeTypes": ".pdf",
    "CreativeHeightMin": 100,
    "CreativeHeightMax": 100,
    "CreativeWidthMin": 100,
    "CreativeWidthMax": 100,
    "CreativeDpiMin": 600,
    "CreativeBleed": 150,
    "CreativePixelsHeightMin": 4000,
    "CreativePixelsHeightMax": 800,
    "CreativePixelsWidthMin": 2000,
    "CreativePixelsWidthMax": 4000,
    "Motion": "static",
    "LengthMin": 25.0,
    "LengthMax": 50.0

The table below details the fields used in this example.

parameter type description
ProductionSpecificationID int64 (required) the specification identifier representing the specification to update
Type string (required) The type of frame that can be linked to this specification. The value must be either 'DIGITAL' or 'STATIC'.
A specification's type cannot be changed once set.

ProductionSpecificationID is the only extra input to this method, and you'll find definitions for the rest within POST /api/production-spec

OUTPUT - JSON sample

If accessing PUT /api/production-spec with the body set to the sample JSON above then the following JSON would be exactly the same as the output defined for GET /api/production-spec and POST /api/production-spec