GET production-spec

A lookup call to get all available Production/Creative Specifications, including their ID, Name, Type, Description and other attributes. The call will allow a single ID to be given in order to limit results to the specific Specification.

When accessed via a GET request this API method will return a list of all available Production/Creative Specifications.


As this method is accessed via a GET request there is no HTTP body so options can be specified via the URL.

parameter type description
id int (optional) a Production/Creative Specification id to restrict results to

OUTPUT - JSON sample

If accessing GET /api/production_spec?id=1 the following JSON would be returned:

    "data": [
            "ProductionSpecificationID": 1,
            "Name": "Production Specification Name",
            "Type": "DIGITAL",
            "Version": 14,
            "LastUpdated": "2023-01-25 15:47:46",
            "MediaOwnerID": 1,
            "MediaOwner": "Mediatel",
            "MediaOwnerRef": "PROD-SPEC-1",
            "Description": "Lorem Ipsum dolor sit amet",
            "Url": "",
            "DisplayAreaHeight": 4000,
            "DisplayAreaWidth": 8000,
            "VideoBitRate": "1400",
            "MaxFileSize": "2000",
            "CreativeMaxSize": 1000,
            "CreativeMimeTypes": ".ai, .bin, .bmp, .viv, .xbm",
            "CreativeHeightMin": 100,
            "CreativeHeightMax": 100,
            "CreativeWidthMin": 100,
            "CreativeWidthMax": 100,
            "CreativeDpiMin": 600,
            "CreativeBleed": 150,
            "CreativePixelsHeightMin": 4000,
            "CreativePixelsHeightMax": 800,
            "CreativePixelsWidthMin": 2000,
            "CreativePixelsWidthMax": 4000,
            "Motion": "static",
            "LengthMin": 25,
            "LengthMax": 50

A "data" element that contains an array of Production/Creative Specifications defined as follows.

ProductionSpecificationID - int64 - the unique identifier used within SPACE to reference the specification

Name - string - the name of the specification

Type - string - the format of the frame that this specification is compatible with

Version - int - the version number of the specification

Url - string - [url] URL to public document of Production Spec

DisplayAreaHeight - int - [mm] Display Area Height

DisplayAreaWidth - int - [mm] Display Area Width

VideoBitRate - string -

OverallSizeHeight - int - [mm] Overall size of printed material (Height)

OverallSizeWidth - int - [mm] Overall size of printed material (Width)

Material - string - Description of the material to be provided

Finishing - string -

Packing - string -

Spares - string -

CreativeMaxSize - int - [Mb] Maximum file size when providing creative

CreativeMimeTypes - string - List of mime types of files that will be accepted when providing the creative

CreativeHeightMin - int - [mm] Minimum Height of Creative

CreativeHeightMax - int - [mm] Maximum Height of Creative

CreativeWidthMin - int - [mm] Minimum Width of Creative

CreativeWidthMax - int - [mm] Maximum Width of Creative

CreativeDpiMin - int - [dpi] Minimum dots per inch of creative

CreativeBleed - int - [mm]

CreativePixelsHeightMin - int - [pixels] Minimum Height in Pixels of Creative

CreativePixelsHeightMax - int - [pixels] Maximum Height in Pixels of Creative

CreativePixelsWidthMin - int - [pixels] Minimum Width in Pixels of Creative

CreativePixelsWidthMax - int - [pixels] Maximum Width in Pixels of Creative

Motion - string - The level of motion supported [static, full_motion, subtle_motion]

LengthMin - float - [seconds] Minimum length of moving content

LengthMax - float - [seconds] Maximum length of moving content