POST agency

A lookup call to request a new agency be added to the master data list.

When accessed via a POST request this API method will create a new agency. Your HTTP body should consist of JSON similar to the following samples.

Each attribute type/value will be validated to ensure that the data is valid. See the section on errors (on Overview page) for how errors are represented.

INPUT to create a new agency

As this method is accessed via a POST request the raw body must be set to JSON as described below. Note that this is sample input.

    "agency_name": "Astus",
    "organisation_type": 2

The table below details the fields used in this example.

parameter type description
agency_name string Agency name
organisation_type integer Organisation type ID

where organisation is one of the followings:

Organisation ID Organisation Name
2 Barter Agency
4 Media Agency
5 Specialist Agency

OUTPUT - JSON sample

    "data": {
        "request_id": 3011

The request_id can then be used in GET /api/agency-status to fetch the status of your request