DELETE frame

Available to owner of the frame with write access and called with either a single frame identifier or a comma separated list of frame identifiers to close.

When accessed via a DELETE request this API method will close a frame. The frame will not be deleted from the system, it will be marked as closed using the current date time as the date it was closed.


As this method is accessed via a DELETE request there is no HTTP body so options can be specified via the URL.

parameter type description
id int64|string (required) a frame identifier to close (such as 2000000000) or a comma-separated list of frame identifiers (such as 2000000000,2000000001,2000000002)

OUTPUT - JSON sample

If accessing DELETE /api/frame?id=2000000000,2000000001,2000000002 the following JSON would be returned:

    "data": {
        "2000000000": true,
        "2000000001": true,
        "2000000002": true

A "data" element that contains an array of key-value pairs defined as:

key - string - the frame identifier

value - boolean - a boolean representing whether the close was successful or not