PATCH agency

Used to perform a partial update of an agency. Each attribute type/value will be validated to ensure that the data is valid. In order to update the data, there should be no other pending request on the selected agency.


As this method is accessed via a PATCH request the raw body must be set to JSON as described below. Note that this is sample input.

    "agency_id": 6745,
    "agency_name": "Astus",
    "organisation_type": 2

The table below details the fields used in this example.

parameter type description
agency_id integer ID of an existing agency
agency_name string New agency name
organisation_type integer The organisation type ID

where organisation is one of the followings:

Organisation ID Organisation Name
2 Barter Agency
4 Media Agency
5 Specialist Agency

OUTPUT - JSON sample

    "data": {
        "request_id": 5334

The request_id can then be used in GET /api/agency-status to fetch the status of your request