PATCH frame/ims-attributes

Used to perform an update to the IMS attributes of a frame; can only be used by the IMS, not Media Owners.


As this method is accessed via a PATCH request the raw body must be set to JSON as described below. This sample input will update FrameID 2000000000 changing the IMSWorldGeodeticCoordinate to have a latitude of 49.76680500 and longitude of -7.49999999 and a IMSMapID of "Map1234".

Each attribute type/value will be validated to ensure that the data is valid.

    "FrameID": 2000000000,
    "Environment": {
        "Attributes": [{
                "Type": "IMSWorldGeodeticCoordinate",
                "Value": "51.76680500,-1.49999999"
                "Type": "IMSMapID",
                "Value": "Map1234"

The table below details the fields used in this example.

parameter type description
FrameID int64 (required) the FrameID to update
Environment array (required) an array of Environment data
Environment - Attributes array (required) an array of Environment attributes
Environment - Attributes - Type string (required) the attribute type which can be one of IMSMapID or IMSWorldGeodeticCoordinate
Environment - Attributes - Value string (required) the attribute value


An empty array with a HTTP Status Code of 200 (OK) will be returned after a successful update.