GET train-operating-company

A lookup call to get a list of all available train operating companies.

When accessed via a GET request this API method will return a list of all train operating companies.


As this method is accessed via a GET request there is no HTTP body so options can be specified via the URL.

parameter type description
This method has no input parameters.

OUTPUT - JSON sample

If accessing GET /api/train-operating-company the following JSON would be returned:

    "data": [
        "Arriva Trains Wales",
        "Chiltern Railways",
        "East Coast",
        "East Midlands Trains",
        "First Capital Connect",
        "First Great Western",
        "First Hull Trains",
        "First TransPennine Express",
        "Gatwick Express",
        "Grand Central",
        "Heathrow Connect",
        "Heathrow Express",
        "Island Line Trains",
        "London Midland",
        "London Overground",
        "Greater Anglia",
        "Northern Rail",
        "South West Trains",
        "Stansted Express",
        "Virgin Trains",
        "Wrexham and Shropshire"

A "data" element that contains an array of train operating companies represented as strings.