GET dimension

A lookup call to get all available dimensions, including their code, description, width, height and surface area. The call will allow a single code to be supplied in order to return the dimension. If no code is supplied, all dimensions are returned.

When accessed via a GET request this API method will return a list of all dimensions. The Dimension is a Route standard, these map generally in a one to many relationship to the new SPACE standard formats. The mapping can be shown here. There are more SPACE formats than there are Route dimensions.


As this method is accessed via a GET request there is no HTTP body so options can be specified via the URL.

parameter type description
id int (optional) a dimension code to restrict results to

OUTPUT - JSON sample

If accessing GET /api/dimension?id=12 the following JSON would be returned:

    "data": [
            "code": "12",
            "description": "12 sheet size",
            "width": 3.05,
            "height": 1.52,
            "surface_area": 4.64

A "data" element that contains an array of dimensions defined as follows:

code - string - the unique identifier used within SPACE to reference the dimension

description - string - a description of the dimension suitable for display to a user

width - float - the width in meters

height - float - the height in meters

surface_area - float - the surface area in square meters